Bottom line, we stand behind our products. We have looked far and wide to source and develop the absolute best value and quality in our cabinets. You can rest assured that you are covered if we find that your cabinet has a manufacturer defect during its warranty life. It is our policy to offer exchange and replacement for cabinets covered under warranty.


Valleywood Cabinet Line

Valleywood cabinets have a limited warranty for a period of 5 years against manufacturing defects. This warranty applies to cabinets installed for residential use and to the original purchaser.


Value Cabinet Line

Our value line cabinets have a limited warranty for a period of 1 year against manufacturing defects. We will replace any cabinets considered to have manufacturing defects during the warranty period.


Not Covered Under Warranty

  • Issues related to the normal characteristics of wood
  • Issues related to the use of harsh cleaners or abrasives
  • Issues resulting from water damage
  • Finish issues resulting from normal wear, sunlight, UV light, wood species, and or reactions to improper cleaners
  • Defects caused by modifications or installation
  • Cracks caused by temperature and humidity changes

Alterations to cabinet structure or its parts voids all warranties.


Wood and Finishes

Wood contraction, expansion, and warping are primarily due to environment. These changes in wood are not considered a defect typically. Before installation please be sure to read up on proper care and maintenance for your cabinets and finishes. Remember fluctuations in temperature and humidity will cause changes in wood. Overtime, cycles of these changes can degrade cabinets and other wood products in your home.

Wood finishes are no different than many items in our homes, prolonged sunlight will affect them. UV light and sunlight can fade or alter a cabinet over time. Similarly, different wood species and finishes can react differently to the same sunlight or UV light. We do not consider UV light, sunlight, and color variation to be a defect.


Subject To Change

Our warranty is subject to change with or without notice as company policy, suppliers, and other variables change. Please check back to this page for our most up to date warranty information.